Plan a sound budget

Track effortlessly your spending and savings

Analyze your financial situation in depth

With Fineo you can

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Track, Plan and Analyze

Every day we make decisions such as where we eat, our means of transportation, or plans for the upcoming weekend. All these choices have a financial basis and influence our finances. At Fineo, our goal is to give you the best tools to make your finance management easy and effective.

Don’t wait any longer to get your finances in order

Why Fineo?

Fineo helps you track all your expenses and savings so that you can manage your money better. By using Fineo, you will be able to:

  • Set goals for personal finances.
  • Prioritize expenses and get out of debt.
  • Establish your monthly budget.
  • Avoid using credit cards.
  • Maintain a savings percentage.

Mobile App too

Use our personal finance app to track and manage every expense you make. Our intuitive tracking system makes it easy to create a budget, track your spending, and find ways to save money.

  • Add transactions on the go

  • View, add or modify your monthly budget.

  • Have all our accounts in one view

  • Add or modify a manual account

We will help you to:

By managing your finances with Fineo, you will:

overcome your debt

The longer you can stay on top of your finances, the better off you’ll be.  Fineo helps you track and understand your spending habits so that you can manage your money better, set financial goals, and overcoming your debts.

credit card

Avoid bad surprises

There are too many surprises in life that can impact your finances, such as unexpected tax debts or unexpected medical bills. With Fineo, we’ll show you how to avoid these unfortunate surprises with a bulletproof budget.

Build amazing savings

Visualizing your money and seeing how much you spend on what helps build saving money for the little things, big dreams & life goals. With Fineo, improve and maintain your financial state of mind.

Forget the excuses and dare to be successful!

we will assist you all the way

Managing personal finances can be a complicated task. At Fineo, we offer you the tools that’ll help you develop a vision of the financial life you want to achieve short to long term. We’ll help you create a foolproof budget, taking into account your future expenses, so you don’t have any surprises.


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