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Is it really free?

Our main goal is to help you manage your finances. For that, we are developing and improving our application. We started by working o essential features and offering them for free in our basic plan.
Now, we are working on new features for our premium plan, which will be released very soon.
Don’t worry. All the features you’ll use now will remain free forever.


1- Is basic plan really free?2022-04-22T02:46:25+02:00

Absolutely yes. We are continuously adding new features to Fineo, so we have decided to offer all the essential features developed so far, free of charge forever.

2- Will you change the price or the features of the free plan?2022-04-22T02:12:15+02:00

No, we will offer all the features provided now in our basic plan for free. When we introduce new premium features, we will let you know.

3- Will you sell my data because of the free price?2022-04-22T02:44:24+02:00

No, we will never do that. We respect your data privacy, and we are developing our product and our business model in this direction.

4- When will you launch the premium plan?2022-04-22T02:43:15+02:00

We don’t have a defined date for the launch. We are busy perfecting our product for you, and we will communicate about the next steps when we think we are ready.

5- What will happen to my data after the launch of the premium plan?2022-04-22T02:11:29+02:00

Nothing will happen to your data or account. You’ll have the choice to continue to use the basic plan or try our new premium features.

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